Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pavlov's Kissing Adventures

I think we people are more like Pavlov's dogs than we'd like to admit with our big brains and self-actualized sensibilities.  An event, it doesn't really matter what event, happens in your life and as a result you experience a sensation.  If that resulting sensation is pleasant, you forever associate that event with a happy memory and look forward to recreating it.  If it's less than pleasant, you tend to avoid similar events in the future.

That's true for burning your finger on a hot dish just as much as for a lover who, intent aside, didn't pay enough attention to meet your needs and desires.  Time heals the burned finger and the broken heart leaving just a memory of the pain to push us away from that event again... even when the people around us insist it is an amazing experience that we should try again.

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Sometimes someone comes along who is willing to not only tell us the experience can be good, but takes the time to show us through consistent caring action and helps us be brave enough to try again.  Someone who will undo the damage left behind by past lovers and open our hearts and minds to move on to even better things.  Someone who loves us, not just for what we are today, but for who we can be tomorrow.  Someone who defies the logic of time and space to help us believe again in the power of deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations that last all night.

So glad he came along when he did...  And so thankful for the push and motivation to make some big life changes.  There's times he scares the hell out of me... but that might just be a good thing!

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