Monday, August 24, 2009

Looks like Bud Light

On Saturday, a couple of my younger friends were playing at the house and drinking their favorite apple punch. It's one of Walmart's knock-offs of Crystal Light. And it does smell and taste very much like real apple juice. With a few ice cubes floating in the glass, one of them observed, "It's the same color as Bud Light." Then after a few seconds added, "But it tastes a lot better." That he knows this at age 10 makes me very sad.

But then, many things about this little boy's life leave me feeling sad. Mostly I'm sad because it seems I have no ability to effect any change that will make things better for him. The best thing I can do is to keep him in my daily prayers and trust that Heavenly Father has a reason for letting the bad things happen in this young life and a plan for it to all work out. I can just stand ready, waiting and anxious to do whatever He would ask of me.

And actually, that's a pretty good spot to be in... standing ready to do whatever the Master asks.

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