Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Observations on a Saturday

Headed off to the grocery early to get the shopping over with, but found myself sitting in the pharmacy waiting on a prescription refill. At this particular Smith's Food & Drug, the waiting area faces the display of 'sexual products' so I found myself unwitting staring at condoms and KY jelly... mindlessness must have got overly boring because the Passion Cherry intimate massage oil branded as 'Play' caught my attention. Apparently it heats on contact. Hmm... not sure whether to be intrigued or grossed out by the combination of flavor, heat and 'intimate' in the description. When I got bored with that thought, I started counting the variety of condom brands: Trojan, Lifestyle, Skyn... and several more I've forgotten now (or anyway forgot how to spell). Impressive selection. I'd never really thought about all the brands or the different features available. Guess I've never needed to know.

Later, we took a little bus adventure to go out for lunch. Every now and then I cross paths with a young man in a wheelchair. Just guessing, but I think he has MS. He's a very pleasant, friendly and outgoing person and he works as a greeter at Walmart. Whenever I see him, he always thanks me profusely for being such a good caretaker for my mom. He's the only person who's ever really done that and the recognition is nice. (In all fairness, several people understand and have commented on the difficulty of doing it... but that's just not quite the same.)

Lunch was at La Frontera on 4th South. Dang!! I still want to learn to make Chili Verde.

I stuffed down an entire Smothered Taco and felt the nauseous and gassy effects all night. But yum! Well worth the pain. Never heard of a smothered taco? It's your basic soft shell taco made with a chorizo filling and then covered in chili verde. Add a little cheese and chopped onions to the top and you are in Mexican heaven.

The rest of the day was pretty much filled with mundane stuff like laundry, watering the garden, watching tv until so late that it was hard to get up for Church the next morning...

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