Friday, July 17, 2009

Handwriting analysis

Today, waiting for some computer issues to resolve, I took a quick and simple handwriting analysis test. The instructions were to write, in cursive, "She sells seashells by the seashore." Then based on how you loop your l's and if the e's are closed or open and if the s's come to a point or are round on the top and a few other factors, you come up with a list of personality traits that are supposed to describe you.

My list of traits:
Open to the world
Likes to socialize
Finds it easy to express self
Unswayed by emotional arguments
Intellectually probing
Likes to study new things

Overall, not a bad description according to my view of myself and my world.

I know, I know... there are some (including me some days!) that would argue the well-adjusted part and I've always thought I was quite trusting. At least I'm willing to believe people until they violate that trust and then it's pretty hard to win it back. And lest we gloss over it, it doesn't take much to turn me into an emotional mess! Maybe I'm just hoping my display will sway someone else more than theirs changes my mind...

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