Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm So Big and Mean and Tough

I jumped into the middle of a dog fight on the way home from work this afternoon. I'm okay... a few sore muscles and a bit of a scratch across the top of my right hand and maybe a little hoarse from screaming my guts out. But all in all, I'm kind of pleased with myself for keeping one dog from killing another dog... in a grizzly fashion... in front of a bunch of kids.

There were 7 dogs in total - 4 Pit Bulls and 3 Lab/Mix muts. The biggest Lab had the smallest Pit Bull by the neck, shaking him and dragging him on the ground while the smaller dog was screaming in agony. The other dogs were looking for a place to lunge in, but hadn't actually got involved in the altercation yet.

I was walking down 1100 West when I saw some kids running after a group of dogs. The oldest girl was yelling for "Getty" to come. Getty is the attacker. Obviously he didn't come. He jumped on top of the other dog and clamped his jaws down on its neck and started shaking it. I ran across the street and grabbed Getty's neck in both fists, squeezing and twisting as hard as I could. Every time I could get angled right I kicked him in the butt or the ribs full force. Getty didn't budge. So I tried to force him to the ground with my full weight (and that's a lot). He still didn't budge. But I finally got his head twisted so he was having a hard time breathing. I could actually hear him gasping for breath. I yelled at one of the bawling kids to go get an adult NOW!!! And then I started screaming at the top of my lungs right next to his ear.

People must have heard me because all of a sudden there was a Mexican lady with a baseball bat and an old man with a big stick beating the other 5 dogs off. Getty finally let loose of the other dog who quickly found a protected corner in some rubble on the front porch of that house. Getty went after him, but couldn't get hold again. The kid who owns him finally got hold of his chain and drug him home.

Still shaking I called the cops. Got a great response. The respective owners didn't even have their dogs all gathered up yet when the patrol car arrived. Given his history, I think they should take Getty away. But who knows what will really happen?

Getty, aka "evil blood-thirsty beast", is kind of a reddish gold color Lab/Mix that lives in the white house on the north corner of Simondi Av and 1100 West. If you live in the area and have occasion to be on the sidewalk - BEWARE OF THIS DOG! He is vicious. Given the opportunity he will attack you. He's nearly come over the fence at me with teeth bared a number of times. The people who live next door, the Raso's, say he's bitten their kids and grandkids without provocation.

Now I am a great animal lover. And a firm believer in second (and third and fourth) chances. It takes a LOT for me say any animal should be taken away from its family or worse, put down. But this is a case where it would very appropriate! The owners can't, or won't, control him and that is their obligation. We, the public, should not have this menace inflicted upon us!!

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