Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night two of my favorite kids, Jonathan and Loran, brought me some Valentines candy. It was kind of funny... I'd bought the same kind of candy to give them and was still sticking on some paper heart doilies and stickers and stuff and making them really mushy and silly. So tonight I'm sitting here sucking on "Sweethearts" while I type.

While we were kind of horsing around and sticking the final stickers down - I got some with the same kind of sayings as on those little candy hearts - Loren told me I needed some step kids. Much as I'd like for her to be one of them, I tried to make a joke out of it and said something like "I'd love some step kids... who do you know who needs an evil stepmother?" That got some giggles and snickers, then they both said "You're not evil. You're nice."

So, what do you make of that little interchange? Part of me was thrilled they were thinking about me in those terms. I've long said if I could roam the world and pick any children I wanted to be mine, Loren and Jonathan and their little brother Bryan would be the ones I'd pick. But not only does their dad seem pretty much not interested, I have NO man-chasing skills. Maybe I should work on that. Got any hints?

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