Saturday, January 25, 2020

Brownies With That Delectable Edge

Copper Chef Divided Brownie Pan
I got a new-to-me divided brownie pan out thrift store shopping a couple of weeks ago. I knew the brand was quality and I love the idea that every brownie in the pan can have 4 crispy edges so it just begged for a new home and someone to love it. 
You know.  Someone like... ME!

Then I Googled it and found out it should be more than just the pan and dividers. There should also be a lift-out tray.

Sigh. Inward whine.

The dividers are removable so you can adjust portion sizes.
And everything has a non-stick cerami-tech coating so
food doesn't stick!
A few more sighs and whines and I was feeling somewhat less enthusiastic about my purchase.  It was a good week before I finally got it all washed up and ready to use. And guess what? I do have the lift-out tray!  I just couldn't see it under the dividers.  I've waited and waited for the perfect opportunity to make brownies.  If there wasn't an "event" to share them, it would only take a day or two for me to eat every last one.  And I don't need that much chocolate... or sugar... or calories...

Now the recipe is nothing special.  It's 2 boxes of Betty Crocker mix and the oil, water, and eggs it calls for on the back of the box.  (The pan is 15 1/2 X 9 1/2 so two don't even fill it generously!) What is special is how the dividers create that slightly crispy from the side of the baking pan edge on every side of every single brownie!!

I think I'll sample that little one up in the
top corner that got a little shorted on batter...
I better eat one now!  Quality assurance and all... Plus I have a sneaking suspicion they'll go fast at the Linger Longer after church tomorrow.

The best video I found about using the pan was put out by QVC in 2017 when they were selling them (with a lid - I want... whine!) for close to $30.  In it, they give some other ideas of food to cook in the pan like lasagna, shepherd's pie, quiche, and meatloaf.  Put the divider in after the dish is cooked and... perfect portions!  For my brownies, I used all the dividers so it made 18.  For these other dishes, I'd pull some out so it makes 9 servings.

Brownies are a hit! What shall I make next?

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