Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Warning: Political Post

Today is election day 2016... Can't wait until it's over and we can figure out which half of the country is most angry.  It's almost like waiting to see if we are entering a civil war or ushering in the apocalypse if you read much political commentary.  I think both major party candidates are very sad choices... and I just can't make myself choose which is the lesser of two evils because that's still evil.  Meh!

Here in Ritchie County, West Virginia the battle to be settled is whether or not one may hunt on Sunday.  That a personal lifestyle choice like that is even an issue in the 21st century simply stuns me, but it is a very heated ballot issue here.  Hunting is probably not how I would choose to spend my Sunday but I don't feel like I have the right to make that choice for you.  And if you can gauge the feeling in the religious community from the radio ads, that seems to be a common feeling.  I've listened to more than one pastor come out in support of allowing Sunday hunting because "time spent in nature is a wonderful way to commune with God."

And then these signs started appearing alongside the ones urging approval.  The choices are outright approval, approving Sunday hunting on private land only, and continuing the ban on it.

If you had this choice on your ballot today, how would you vote?  Why?

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Melonie said...

Hello, Kathy! It's been so long since I commented, but I have been popping by when I can. This one really caught my eye.

I think I would vote for the "private land only" option. That way public lands that are normally closed on Sunday don't need to be opened for hunting, but individuals who have access to private land can hunt. As a military wife, I understand that many people only have certain days off a week and may not be able to make it out Saturday - or may have no success on Saturday and can only go back Sunday. I attend church services, but my husband is not a member of my church and has no Sabbath restrictions, biblical or cultural, thereof.

I can definitely understand the point of view of those posting the signs, but they need to realize the other point of view - that not everyone has the same belief and not everyone finds God in church. If a hunter seeks Creation in nature, I can't fault them. If they don't, one never knows; they might just find it out there without planning to. ;)