Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Am Not A Vacuum Murderer!

Remember awhile back I said I'd killed our vacuum?  Derek, claiming "I told you I'm not very handy" ran right out and got us a new one.

Ok, so I went along and helped pick it out and I really, really, really like the new one.  I love that the canister lifts off so you don't have to fight the whole beast up and down the stairs to vacuum them. I actually like it a lot better than the old one.  But that's beside the point and I digress...

You see, I didn't really kill the old one.  Yay!  I am not a vacuum murderer!!

(In my my mind I say that in my best Richard Nixon impression.  Apparently I'm either really weird or easily amused because I imagine it to be quite hilarious!  I'm going with easily amused, ok?)

Before pushing the old one out to the curb I decided to give it one last shot and started cleaning up the filter and checking for a clog in the hose and stuff like that.  Thought I'd done all that at the time, but I guess in my frustration that night I missed some stuff.  Turns out, it wasn't broken so much as terribly dirty inside.  Cleaned up, it works just fine.  In fact, it sucks the dirt and hair right up.  It really sucks!

Wouldn't that be an awesome tagline for a vacuum commercial?  I always thought Dyson should use it when they have that hottie Aussie guy on there carrying on about the strength of their brand's suction power and he's lifting a bowling ball with it.  Wouldn't it just be fall-off-your-chair funny if at the end of that silly monologue he said, "Dyson... our vacuums really suck!"

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No, my resurrected vacuum isn't a Dyson.

It's a Hoover.

A Wind Tunnel one made to handle pet hair.  Something we have abundance of...  I don't know if it would pick up a bowling ball or not.  And I don't have one to try that and find out so it's going to have to remain one of life's great mysteries.

This one might be a slightly newer model, but mine looks pretty much the same.  And it gets the job done.

I really hate having to admit this because now I'm going to get no help with the steam cleaner I've been begging him to unclog since... oh, October!  I've been holding out on principal.  But I guess I might as well give that up now, too, and just take care of it myself.

This vacuum does really suck!

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