Monday, November 25, 2013

Second Look

Another blogger I follow uses "Because old posts like to be loved" as a tag line on days when he re-shares an old blog post.  He's a pro, with a HUGE following, so he actually gets paid to blog.  And sometimes he says something that hits a nerve and a post goes viral and then a year-ish later when the hoopla has all died down and been forgot he re-shares it with that tag line.  Well, I'm not so famous... but I did have cause this morning to sift back through my personal Facebook timeline and found some things I've shared in the past that made me react all over again and so, I decided they deserve a second shot at being seen.  Here's my first installment of Second Look.

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The original story from KSL TV in Salt Lake City has dropped off their website now but in mid-May 2013 when it was fresh news I posted...

She must have wanted to quit pretty darned bad!! "Think you've heard of every way possible to quit smoking? Etta Mae Lopez came up with a new one: slap a cop and go to jail, where smoking isn't allowed." At least the officer has a sense of humor about the whole weird situation... his new Irish nickname: Nick O'Derm!

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And filed in the "Ewww... gross!" category was this surprisingly interesting tidbit.  Even to me, it was interesting.  I am plenty smart enough and have the aptitude for it, but I wouldn't ever consider a medical career.  A lot of people assume it's the big traumatic stuff that's so off-putting.  Not to me!  Smooshed up organs, broken bones hanging out, blood and guts everywhere... doesn't phase me in the least.  But ask me to deal with pee, poop and puke and I am offended beyond belief!  I can hardly stand dealing with my own, let alone someone else's.  So, who gets stuck with the job I find disgusting above all things disgusting most of the time... cleaning up puppy  'accidents' in the house?  Yup, me.  And every single time it makes me want to run away from home and never come back!  I am THAT grossed out by it.

(Warning: important message... language gets a bit coarse)

"As long as our culture revolves around us versus them, conspicuous consumption, individual and corporate selfishness, and zero accountability, we will disintegrate as a nation. As long as people blame others for problems instead of being the solution, as long as neighbors remain strangers, and as long as the haves and the have-nots remain distanced, we will continue to decline and divide until someone else comes and takes away what little will be left." -- Justin Larson

The "best one raised eyebrow suspicious look at the computer while I silently sound out something silly" meme I've seen all year.  And we wonder why people say English is among the hardest languages to learn?

And... there you have it.
A few things I thought merited a Second Look.

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