Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Wildflowers of Reynolds's Woods

It's still hard to believe this is my back yard!

Some days I just look out there in amazement wondering what in the world I did right to get this view.  I wandered the edges of our woods this morning snapping pictures while the dogs romped and played and enjoyed the sunshine.

Here's a "taller" look at the same area on the west side.  Isn't it pretty?  Further over, by that neighbor's fence, is the very much not attractive brushy patch.

And this is the far eastern edge of our woods where I want to fill in with some tall bushes and block out the view of this neighbor's house.  If you look really closely at that dead tree in the middle, you'll see 3 hollowed out nesting spots.  Not sure what kind of bird is using them but it's call is loud and it favors the darkness.  Sometimes the little fella is still telling his story to the world well after midnight!

There are so many birds and bugs and plants I've yet to learn names for...

It seems that much of the brushy patch on the west of our lot is filled with blackberries.  Yum!  We've been talking about putting a swimming pool in this area sometime in the future.  And before that happens I will be transplanting some of these so there's a supply for fresh fruit, jam and maybe even the occasional pie.  I love blackberries and it's been years since I had any fresh from the vine.

Between what I think is a locust tree and one of the oak trees there are several of these.  I think they are blue bells.  And I hope they spread and that there are more of them next spring!

So pretty!

I have no idea at all what these little pale lavender-colored flowers are but there are half a dozen little clumps of them  in the semi-level area we thinking would be perfect for a fire pit.  Like I've said out loud a few times, it's probably a weed, but I like them so they are staying put.

And these little white flowers, that I think are some variety of wild aster, are growing all over the yard and into the edge of the woods.

I really favor leaving the woods very natural.  No fussy manicured lawn here!  All it needs is a bit of cleaning up fallen dead wood and a few supplemental wild flowers and flowering bushes to add punches of drama to be perfect!!

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