Friday, August 31, 2012

Hiatus Explained

Just in case there's someone out there still following along and actually wondering what happened to me... his name is Derek.

And it's an unconventional love story.  You wouldn't expect the average 'girl meets guy' thing from me, now would you?

He's not at all who I ever imagined I'd fall in love with but I did and now we're planning a wonderful future together.  For me that future means a big move is coming up.  From Utah to the very unexpected state of Georgia.  Go ahead, blink and clear your bleary eyes because you did read that right.  Georgia.  This confirmed Western girl is going Southern.  And yes, I'm a little nervous my laid back and pragmatic ways are going to clash with that famous charm and hospitality.

One of the first questions my surprised friends and family ask is "How did you meet?"  This is the 21st century, so it shouldn't be shocking that we met online.  No, neither of us signed up for a dating service which bases chemistry on a hundred-question compatability quiz (not that there's anything wrong with that!).  We've played an online game together for quite a long time now.  An in-game friendship started to develop about 18 months when we were first team-mates and then it spilled over to the rest of life and finally we decided to explore if there might be a little something more there.

There was.

Then I freaked out.  Big time!  I finally noticed his birthdate on Facebook.  Derek is a lot younger.  I've been out of high school longer than he's been walking the face of the earth.  So, yeah... I'm a 'cougar.'

Now I'm waiting out the process of selling my house and a large portion of the contents while I pack up the things I'll be taking with me.  And Derek and I are making plans for our adventure together, which right now includes new jobs, a big old house, and a Christmas puppy.

And that, folks, is why I've been so absent.

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Tams said...

You should probably clarify that yes you did meet in person! So it's not like you just based this move/life change off of a whimsical online lets just do this idea!