Saturday, November 12, 2011

Being aware

How good are you at noticing things that happen right in front of your face?  Well, here's a little test.

I have to confess, while  I nailed the first part, I totally missed what I wasn't looking for.  And it makes me wonder how many other things I miss because they're just not what I'm looking for.  Is there a new way of looking at the resources I have available to me and thinking about new ways to use old stuff?  New ways to generate an income...    New ways to approach my goals of building a simple, sustainable lifestyle...

1 comment:

latter-daymom said...

I missed the bear the first time too! I was so intent on watching the white team, that was all I was looking for - the obvious. I am so impressed that you are trying so hard to improve your life by looking for those things we missed the first time!