Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If it only snowed on the grass

Been snowing here in Salt Lake nearly all day. Snowing, I guess, is an overstatement because in all that time we've only managed to accumulate a little more than an inch. And it's more wet slushy glop than real snow. From what I can see (and imagine) I'd bet the mountains are getting pounded. Should make lots of people very happy... those with asthma and such will be thrilled that the storm cleared out the inversion, skiers will be happy with the new snow at the resorts, it's end of month and the ticket quotas are coming due so the cops will be happy with the extra accidents as will the doctors and mechanics from all the extra business that brings in as people need their ouchies fixed. Me? I could live without the slippery gloppy streets and sidewalks... my butt isn't nearly as happy about suddenly meeting up with the ground now as it was when I was 12! Yes, the world would be perfect if it only snowed on the grass!!

Besides it seems like even a single snowflake throws the Utah recessive idiot gene into full gear and people get downright stupid. It's like, "Wow... the whole street is a sheet of black ice. Let's drive extra fast this morning!" Or, "See that car in the far left lane? How about we swerve right into it? 'Cuz you know how I love the crunch of a good crash!" I've marveled at this phenomenon for years. Take a person who seems perfectly normal one day, throw in one tiny little snowflake, and, suddenly he's a dribbling idiot. Kinda fun to watch as long as you can manage to stay out of their way...

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