Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh! My Aching Knees

The great season of yard work has arrived! And with it the first time some of my muscles have been used since last season. For this first few weeks every year, those muscles are not happy! This year it seems to be the ones around my knees that have taken the major hit. Luckily it is the muscles, rather than the joints, that hurt so I do have hope they'll get better with passing time and work.

It's been a busy week or so with garden prep, weeding flowerbeds (mighty piles of weeds!), trimming a couple of bushes back, cutting grass, pulling field bind weed, vinca and crab grass from around the foundations of the house and garages and dragging the hose around to give the lawn and new plantings a drink. Wow! Makes me tired just to list it...

I kind of wish it would rain - just not today. I'd love some for tomorrow. It would be the first in two weeks so things are getting kind of dry. I don't want rain this afternoon because we are going to a Relief Society activity and I was planning on walking the two blocks to the Church with a big pan of brownies in my arms. Rain today definitely wouldn't be a good thing. But as Elder Wirthlin said in his last Conference address, "Come what may and love it."

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