Monday, January 5, 2009

All's well that ends well

Today was a stressful day! My mom had surgery to remove her gallbladder... in the same hospital where I was raped. Even though it has different ownership now, has been totally remodeled and probably has entirely different staff, just being there put me on edge. I guess it was the place and the hospital sounds and smells. I don't know. But my shoulders are in complete knots. I feel like a turtle trying to pull its head into its shell. And I am exhausted and feel on the edge of a meltdown. In fact I sort of had one earlier.

On top of an already stressful day, I was waiting on my doctor to review some test results and renew my thyroid prescription. I wanted to make it all in one trip to the pharmacy to get mom's meds and mine so I waited until late afternoon to hear from them. Then when I got to the store, they said they hadn't heard from the doctor's office. The doctor's office insisted they had called in the prescription an hour earlier. So I was stuck in the middle just wanting to get my crap and get out of there for an hour. Dealing with drugs doesn't make me happy at the best of times. I detest taking them, buying them, having to have their results/side effects monitored... every pill makes me feel like a total defect. And I'm afraid I took that out on the MA. It's not her fault... I was just sick of the run around and snapped. I'll have to call her back tomorrow and appologize.

The good news is that mom's surgery went very well and she's home and pretty much able to do what she wants tonight. They've really got that particular surgery down these days. We checked in at 6:00 and everything was done and we were home by 11:30. There are only 4 little incisions each just less than an inch long. The one on her belly button is where they pulled the gallbladder out. The surgery is done laprascopicly on an outpatient basis and seems to be no big deal. I like the surgeon who did it, too. Young, cute, beautiful big brown eyes, good sense of humor... he related very well with her. Even his name is fun to say. Chachas. Dr. Angelo Chachas.

We expect to be back on a regular schedule by Wednesday. My job hopes so anyway. I haven't been for a week. I bet I am so far behind... it's a little frightening to imagine. But I know it will have all piled up for me because I don't have a backup. There's not even anyone else in my department with the same access rights let alone the training to do what I'm doing. Worrisome, but I'm just a small cog in a big machine. It's someone else's job to worry about these kinds of risks...

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